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Three60 Consulting Pvt. Ltd. has been established to offer state of the art technological solution to enable education through the use of technology, focused on access to education through the use of the most innovative and cost effective technological solutions.

Via Edcrayon, Three60 enables education by developing a comprehensive ecosystem of hardware, software, educational materials and leverage on the power of communication infrastructure to provide 21st Century learning .

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Three60 believes that technology alone does not constitute ICT integration. Correct ICT implementation should find a balance in technology, pedagogy, content and user.

The delivery of technological tools is only the first step. Three60 provides comprehensive and transformational educational services enabled by technology along with the skills required to succeed in the knowledge economy.

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Teacher's UI

Interactive web based user interface for teachers.

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Student's App

Robust Android application for students.

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Admin's UI

Admin's interface for product flexibility.

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Infrastructure Audit

Three60 visits schools and provides infrastructure upgrade suggestions for ICT adaptation in the classroom.

ICT Training

Three60 provides comprehensive but incremental training programs to students, teachers, and other users.

Pedagogy Consulting

Three60 researches on school needs, educational techniques, systems, strategies and consults findings.

Content Discovery

Three60 works with course admins, teachers and students to identify qualitative and free source of content.

Impact Analysis

Three60 focuses on creating evidence based training and implementation practices to study ICT impact.

Product Tailoring

Three60 works with school to identify unique requirements and designs tailored modules at low cost.

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